Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sandeep. Man or... girl?

We all thought that our Indian friend Sandeep was a guy, right. Well, not all. Today Andrei arrived to the office and made a painful and horrific discovery. He probably became disturbed for the rest of his life (not much long if he end up committing suicide).

Sandeep was not there. At least he thought he was not. Instead, another presence was occupying the office... a female one. There was an Indian girl rather than his usual Indian friend (and not specially pretty, same as Sandeep). Andrei's eyes wide opened when he cried and ran as fast as he could thorough all CERN theoretical department.

Sometime after, he found Sandeep when he came with us to lunch to the Indian restaurant at midday. Obviously he was a man now. He changed sex. Again.

Andrei, puzzled, will never be the same person... maybe we should worry about his mental health from now. Well, he is a theoretical physicist so maybe we should worry about that anyway. Again...


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  2. flattered that you have a full post devoted to me .... btw ur blog readership increased manifold because all the thousands of pple trying to find my naked pics are now directed here

  3. Hahahah!! I'm sorry, I should have written your real name: Maikel! :D
    PS: by the way, if I only write "naked sandeep", I find lots of other pink blogs talking about some other Sandeep and some rumours about his affairs and his sexuality XD