Sunday, August 15, 2010

Slang poll!! What is a "trenecito"??

I just thought it would be funny to write stories about funny slang in English and Spanish so I start with this one.

Some weeks ago, Toni was telling everybody in his office about the Spanish slang word "trenecito" (meaning literally "little train"). Everybody was wondering what trenecito means and why it was so funny for him but finally they discovered it. Please, help voting in the poll at the right to check how good you are in Spanish slang!! For sure you will be surprised XD

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  1. I'm proud of the followers of this blog. It is amazing to notice how much they know about this stuff...

    I'm not going to explain in detail what it is, but you can find a very explanatory photo example in my new blog entry:

    The results are

    A slow speed train 0 (0%)
    A tiny toy train 0 (0%)
    A horrible sexual aberration 8 (72%)
    None of the above 0 (0%)
    All of the above 3 (27%)

    Votes so far: 11
    Poll closed