Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camilo uses pyjamas!!

and these are very bad news. While having a coffee with him, Monica, Stefano and a mysterious Italian Mikaela who doesn't want people to know her real name, someone suggested to post in this blog real photos of naked Maikels/Mikaelas.

The first victim should be Camilo. It has already been decided. If we cannot have Isabel to share her private photos of him then we might have a problem. In addition, Camilo declared that he ALWAYS uses pyjamas so it is impossible that anyone ever in life took a photo of him naked. Monica suspects that this implies that he does not sleep at all, making such photo impossible. Maybe Camilo's super-power is the impossibility of seeing him naked.

Luckily, the mysterious Italian Mikaela said he can use photoshop and volunteered to make a tentative naked photo of Camilo.

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