Friday, February 12, 2010

Carnival parties!

What are you Maikels/Mikaelas going to dress up like? |-)
Any photos?

(Erm, it's this weekend in western Europe as well, isn't it?)


  1. This Sunday night there is a free tango soiree where you have to go disguised :D I'm thinking to show up with my kung-fu-tango disguise :D
    Apart from that, I didn't hear about any other carnival party where other maikels would go... Keep posted for the photos!

  2. i'm gg to disguise tonight toooo!!!! hahahaha, although here it seems not to b really common!! =PPPP

  3. Whad did you finally do??? I disguised as Kung Fu Tango and danced in the tango party :D

  4. jajaja, i disguised with only a (multiple) hat!! jajaja, but i danced until 6 am!! ;))
    btw, kung fu panda is coooooolllll(isimo!!jajajajaja)

  5. I have to post the photos somewhere (maybe here) where I'm with my kung fu tango disguise and 6 or 7 girls :D I think then that some of the guys will finally decide to learn dancing or at least coming to drink to these places ;)