Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eli also created a blog!!!

Now everybody is copying Maikel doing blogs, it seems :D Well, he was not really the first one but it is fun to say it like that, I guess, or maybe not?

Ok, here is the blog:

Please, pay attention to the fact that it is aimed to be a "serious" blog (for useful information and cultural coffees propaganda), although Maikel will do everything possible (with comments, spam and so) to make it more... interesting...


  1. Hey, stracitella looks very interesting and the idea of the minimal cupersymmetric ctandard model sounds amazing! (I preferred to write this here and destroy _this_ thread.)
    But you know what the funny thing is: _more_ people are preparing their blog these days :O

  2. Keep us posted as soon as yours ramps up, MixaeLa!