Thursday, February 11, 2010

MAD & job spam

Cristina sent an innocent email about asking to go to dance salsa tonight to MAD. Poor girl. There were ~70 spam emails starting with that, with just 2 or 3 related to the subject. Spam subjects related to indifference, Gene Kelly, zombies, stuff to be shown, CULO, C++ pedantic technicalities, SMS and MMS, iPad, madness, cups, asteroids, alien Juanes invasion, CULO, processes ID, Big Bang theory and, of course, spam.

Also Eli sent another innocent email about a job interview and the only thing I remembered about that is the video about the attagirl knee pads... uuuuuuf.. better I don't continue.


  1. First of all: Why are you writing this? All your potential readers are in that thread of mails.

    Second of all. Those "pedantic technicalities" are the difference between an engineer and a physicist, and that is primarily efficiency (Sorry, I had to say it).

    Finally, as fas as I am concerned, Eli knows more about interviews than we can tell her, so we just made jokes.


  2. First of all: I write in this blog whatever I want :D The future generations have the right to know what people working at Cern was used to do when was bored after work, apart from creating black holes, destroying the Vatican and stuff.

    Second of all: HAHAHAHA!!! (in fact, today I was doubting about saying 'efficiency' or 'efficienciness' XD I'm good inventing new words...