Sunday, February 21, 2010

Successful dinner with Vale & Lna!!

Valentina and Elena's dinner was very successful from the point of view of the gossip. I'm sorry but the people who didn't come is not allowed to know the real names of the people. Their little reputation could be totally screwed up if their real names are published on the net.

We all learned that:

- Maikel prefered to go with Maikel to another dinner so now we all think that he is a bit gay and has some warm feelings for Maikel...

- Mikaela was doing "piecitos" (playing footsie) with some other men under the table. Well, she says she did nothing so there is a big concern about if there was one of the men doing that to other men by mistake... puajjjj!!!

- Mikaela and Maikel asked a dessert to share between them. A dessert that looked exactly as a... "fetcher belcher"!!! So disgusting...

- Maikel did not come and he did not reply the telephone in days... Some Maikel thinks that he is maintaining a dark relationship with some Mikaela...

- Maikel did not come either, with the nice excuse that he realized (almost one hour after being in the restaurant the rest) that his car was broken and could not come. He also claims that he was waiting for the Maikel who didn't show life signs in days...

- Mikaela came with a French maromo. Nobody knows till what extent is close. Anyway he didn't spoke much English so all is a mistery.

So, very interesting gossips this time!!!


  1. maikel!! the dessert part was toooooo much!!! =P (but it was delicious, bhauhauahuahauhauhauhauahua, envyous??)

  2. ..oh..and the maromo part...i think i was about to say something rrreally wrong at some point! =PP me partoooo!!!