Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sado-maso parties here??

There are rumours about sado-maso parties at CERN but I never saw them still.

Esther told me that we should inform her ad her friends as soon as details are known. She has her whip ready for it.

In the other hand, Marek suspects that all that is just some misunderstanding as in the CMS DAQ group they usually call SM to the Storage Manager group but many people is sure about that SM actually stands for Sado Maso group.

Which is the truth about that??


  1. hahahahahaha you crazy

    P.S. I think I should start dating the SM Group, you know, as an infiltrator/spy/whatever.......

  2. Juajuajuajuas!! Estherminator, me mondo!!!

    I already know the main sado-maso sysadmin, Josep. It is strange to notice that he left the group recently. I guess he didn't really like what they did to him there XD

    Thinking about that... SM are also the acronym of Standard Model!!! I knew that, only sado-maso people would be able to study high energy physics. We really should love to give and receive daily pain :D

  3. ohhh my good, this a side-effect of radioactivity for sure

  4. And for ecal people it's super module... what great ways to speak in disguise!

  5. For me, S.M. means "Su Majestad". That is: "Your Majesty". This is the title you will all use when reffering to me after I have conquered the world.